Shawnee Gardens, an assisted-living residence in Boulder, CO.


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What's New:

We have limited availability at this time. Please call us at 720-450-2965 or .

Shawnee Gardens is happy to announce that our backyard chicken coop is completed. Our six hens, "The Girls," are busy providing fresh eggs for us. Read about it at the 9 News website.

We now have a beautiful walk-in tub so our residents enjoy a warm bath safely and comfortably.

Our vegetable beds are all planted and we have greens for salad and fresh herbs for cooking. Fruit trees will be coming soon!

Please contact us for tea and a tour!

About Shawnee Gardens:

A small, unique community, Shawnee Gardens provides assistance for the individual who desires to enjoy life even though they are experiencing difficulties. The beautiful and uplifting environment offers a blend of retreat and fine living. At Shawnee Gardens, we strive to provide an environment that enhances our residents' relaxation, physical and mental comfort. Located on our premises we have a steam room, hot tub, walk-in tub, and a heated indoor pool. Our spirited staff is always ready to assist any resident wishing to enjoy these facilities.

A distinct difference between Shawnee Gardens and other facilities is our commitment to creating a space more akin to the natural surroundings to which our residents have been accustomed. Shawnee Gardens is situated on a beautifully landscaped piece of land. A wide range of vegetables, herbs, orchids, and fruits are organically grown in raised beds and our on-site hot house. Wheel chair access and walking paths make it easy our residents to be outdoors and participate in gardening, and enjoy nature according to their comfort and interest.

Shawnee Gardens began with a desire to offer "Something More," not just the basics. Our community of family and staff are adept in providing care, services and support not found in traditional assisted living facilities. We creatively work to provide an atmosphere that enhances the health of mind, body and spirit. At Shawnee Gardens each resident is a unique person and we are sensitive and supportive of their individuality.

We welcome all diversity of life styles, philosophies, ethnic groups, and cultures.

You are warmly invited to call, and or, schedule a visit to meet our community of residents, family and staff.

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Shawnee Gardens
4755 Shawnee Place
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Phone: 720-450-2965

Shawnee Gardens assisted living residence in Boulder, Colorado provides your loved ones with a beautiful, peaceful, safe environment. We offer our residents a host of activities--from fitness Programs including exercise equipment, Tai Chi, water aerobics, and Yoga to Greenhouse and Raised Bed Gardening, to an Art Room with pottery, painting, paper craft, and flower arranging, to Elder Discussion Groups. We also provide internet access for our residents.