Shawnee Gardens, an assisted-living residence in Boulder, CO.


My mother, Hildegarde, has had two wonderful years at Shawnee Gardens. Mom celebrated her 94th birthday last month and her birthday wish was to "never have to leave here, it's a wonderful place." We agree.

--Judy Erfling, Bil Erfling, Ruth Orton, & Marjorie Barritt

When you walk in you feel like you are in a wonderful home where a family lives. There are people to talk to and a wonderful staff to take care of you.

--Staci Barden

Anyone who is in need of an assisted living environment deserves the caring, respect and safety offered at Shawnee Gardens.

--Amy L. Gray

I can't say enough great things about this wonderful place and I highly recommend it to anyone with an elder in need of assisted living.

--Steve McIntosh

Connie Keogh-Dwyer is a compassionate caregiver and an imaginative problem-solver, and she has great respect for the dignity and individuality of the residents. This attitude, which creates much of the atmosphere of Shawnee Gardens, is imparted very successfully to her staff, who are both caring and good-humored.

--John and Prue Dings

Shawnee Gardens
4755 Shawnee Place
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Phone: 720-450-2965

Shawnee Gardens assisted living residence in Boulder, Colorado provides your loved ones with a beautiful, peaceful, safe environment. We offer our residents a host of activities--from fitness Programs including exercise equipment, Tai Chi, water aerobics, and Yoga to Greenhouse and Raised Bed Gardening, to an Art Room with pottery, painting, paper craft, and flower arranging, to Elder Discussion Groups. We also provide internet access for our residents.